System description

The system with thermal insulation is assigned for accomplishing outside building elements rated to the RMG 2.1 material group. There are plenty of solutions for the window and door construction. The application thermal distance piece ensure correct dehydration. The width distance pieces is 16 mm (simple and omega shaped). The width of frames and sashes is 52 – 60 mm.

Characteristics of system

* Precise relation to other Ponzio systems.
* Possibility of installing windows and doors into facade systems.
* Facing of window sashes (one plane outside) and doors (two planes outside and inside)
* The use of transparent and non-transparent feelings ( 1-40 mm thick)
* Bending profiles
* Use of modern two components EPDM gaskets with perfect thermal insulation, aesthetic appearance and easy to montage
* Variety of door sashes
* Many ways of accomplishing corner connections: torsion, studding or kneading.


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