Aluminum system profiles without thermal insulation, mainly destined to interior buildings: vestibules, boxes, display cases and division walls as well as for sliding doors (manually or automatically operated) double-acting and smoke hermetic doors.

PT 50 system allows using of variety of fillings: glass, aluminum panels, „sandwich” fillings, panel boards, plasterboards and polycarbonate boards with width 1 – 40 mm.

The structural section depth for frame and sash is 52 – 60 mm. PT 50 is either regular doors or the coplanar with notch hinge. The advantage of axial clamped hinges is facility of montage and regulation in three planes.

Characteristics of system

*Precise relation to other Ponzio systems (mutual corners, beadings, tools and hardware majority);
*Possibility of facing window sashes (one plane outside) and doors (two planes outside and inside);
*Bending profiles; variety of door sashes: with wide beam or profiles cut at an angle of 45o, with or without threshold.


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